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Domains under heaven,after a long period of division, tends to unite;after a long period of union, tends to divide.– Romance of Three Kingdoms天下大事分久必合合久必分– 三国演义

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如何备考K8S CKAD认证


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What does Mainframe SRE do?

IntroHave you ever heard of the job title ‘System Programmer’? Check the resume back in the early 70s, guess whose is this? (Hint - the most famous IT business man)

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CPU Compare: IBM z16 Telum vs Apple M1 Ultra

IntroIBM recently launched its latest System z (mainframe) model z16 in April 2022, 3 years after its predecessor z15 in 2019. The CPU introduced together by z16 which named Telum, th...

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谷歌云GCP的认证有十种,覆盖架构、开发运维、指定领域几个大类,可以根据自己的爱好和发展方向进行选择。与AWS认证不同, GCP只提供一门助理级认证即GCP Cloud Engineer,其他大部分为专家级Pro认证.

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Journey of Virtualization from Mainframe to Cloud

If I ask you a layman question: What is the difference between a computer server and PC?

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Enable SRE in a Mainframe shop

BackgroundMany Fortune 500 companies have been running Mainframe (IBM System z) for decades and established comprehensive infrastructure and operation model. With emerging cloud and o...

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Hybrid Mainframe Monitoring with ZOLDA and ELK part2 Setup

In the previous article I share the high level overview of ZOLDA with data analytic platforms. The entire solution requires ZOLDA installation on system z and ELK on distributed like ...

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Hybrid Mainframe Monitoring with ZOLDA and ELK part1 Overview

IBM announced their hybrid operational analytics solution on Sep 2021 which merged two products ZLDA and ZCDP into Z Operational Log and Data Analytics (ZOLDA).According to IBM: …nea...

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Popular Cloud Certifications 主流云服务认证一览

本文介绍主流服务商的认证体系,如AWS,Google Cloud,和微软Azure。

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Offload SSL/TLS to Crypto Card and Save million dollar MIPS!

AbstractMainframe is the backbone of commercial transactional business and million of tons of data are flying in and out between mainframe servers and their client servers. Similarly ...

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Break the Myth of MIPS per TPS of CICS - A New Approach to Mainframe Online Workload Capacity Planning

AbstractCICS is celebrating its golden anniversary and its vitality remains in the era of API economy thanks to its ever lasting evolution with new technologies. With more traditional...

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