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In Cybersecurity, Jul 15, 2021

Offload SSL/TLS to Crypto Card and Save million dollar MIPS!

AbstractMainframe is the backbone of commercial transactional business and million of tons of data are flying in and out between mainframe servers and their client servers. Similarly ...

In CICS, Mainframe, Jul 13, 2021

Break the Myth of MIPS per TPS of CICS - A New Approach to Mainframe Online Workload Capacity Planning

AbstractCICS is celebrating its golden anniversary and its vitality remains in the era of API economy thanks to its ever lasting evolution with new technologies. With more traditional...

In CICS, Mainframe, Jul 01, 2021



In AWS, Cloud, Jun 29, 2021

Welcome to Mainframe to Cloud!

Domains under heaven,after a long period of division, tends to unite;after a long period of union, tends to divide.– Romance of Three Kingdoms天下大事分久必合合久必分– 三国演义

In Admin, Jun 28, 2021